sTeam Server Peer Review and Merging.

(ˢᵒᶜⁱᵉᵗʸserver) aims to be a platform for developing collaborative applications.
sTeam server project repository: sTeam.
sTeam-REST API repository: sTeam-REST

Peer Review

Peer review is done to ensure that the work performed by one’s peers meets specific criteria. Peer review is used while working in groups because of the belief that one’s peers are able to identify each others errors easily and thus speeding up the time it takes to identify the bugs and get them rectified. The goal of peer review is to ensure that the work satisfies the specifications and identify the aberrations from the standards, help in enhancing, modifying and providing suggestions for improvements. The Review process doesn’t involve management participation.

PeerReviewA lot of work was done in the sTeam server repository during the course of GSoC 2016. There is no support for continuous code integration and testing tools like Code Coverage, Travis CI, Circle CI or Landscape IO as the pike language is not supported by these tools. The project heavily relies on the peer reviews and feedbacks from the members of the community.

The work done by Siddhant on the testing framework and the steam subshell commands was reviewed and tested for bugs. The work which was tested can be found below:

sTeam Server testing framework:

sTeam Server sub shell commands:

sTeam Server structure

The steam project files are segregated into various directories depending  upon the tasks performed by them. For an individual to be productively working on the project, the understanding of the directory structure is utmost. The structure needs to be documented. The documentation for the sTeam server was done to facilitate easy understanding of the project structure.

sTeam Server Merging the PR’s

Issue’s reported were addressed in individual branches in the fork repositories of the collaborators. The changes made were sent in PR’s to the societyserver-devel and societyserver-source repo. These needed to be merged in the source repository. For resolving the conflicts during merging these, the PR’s were merged into gsoc2016 branch in the societyserver repo.

GSoC 2016 societyserver-devel

// Ajinkya

// Siddhant

GSoC 2016 societyserver-source

// Ajinkya

// Siddhant

The merge conflicts between the two PR’s must be resolved and then merged into the main societyserver branches.
Also the issue for setting the permissions for sTeam objects would be addressed in the coming days.
Feel free to explore the repository. Suggestions for improvements are welcomed.

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