searchQuick Apprise: SIX #GoogleSummerOfCode #FOSSASIA


The intended searchQuick” (sQuick) is an application to enable a user to search a set of books or texts, like an encyclopedia, or some other topical book collection offline built in the open source platform Pharo 4.0.


The main task achieved was putting up the application up on Continuous Integration, Inria for automated build. It was indeed a beneficial idea as it helped me keep a check on the builds and work on issues.
Being a newbie, this work was cumbersome initially but with the help of my mentors and the #pharo community, I was able to accomplish it. To assist fellow Pharo-ers, I have compiled all the information regarding CI Automated Build for yout Pharo Application and published the same on my blog-spot. Kindly go through it for a complete understanding 🙂

Other tasks completed as of now include:

  • Putting up the project for automated build on
  • Successful ‘stable’ and ‘development’ version builds
  • Accessing resource folder via MCGitHubRepository, Removal of manual download option
  • By default full screen system window open
  • Removing redundant code by creating open argument methods
  • Abolishment of hard-coded font family and font point size
  • Categorization of methods & classes
  • GUI Embellishment with background colors, borders etc.


  • Dynamic widget re-sizing
  • Multi-line search result title
  • Putting up Help and About sections
  • Removal of old configurations