Adding Speakers Page in Open Event Frontend

Open Event Frontend earlier displayed all the speakers of an event on the main info page only, now a separate route for speakers is created and a separate page is added to display the speakers of an event. The design and layout of speakers page is kept similar to that on Open Event Web app. The info page only shows the featured speakers for an event and the complete list of speakers with additional information is present on speakers route.

Getting the event speakers data

The event data is obtained from the public model and a query is made for the speakers to get the required data. The speakers are fetched only for the sessions which are accepted, this is done by applying a filter while the query is made.

async model() {
 const eventDetails = this.modelFor('public');
 return {
   event    : eventDetails,
   speakers : await eventDetails.query('speakers', {
     filter: [
         name : 'sessions',
         op   : 'any',
         val  : {
           name : 'state',
           op   : 'eq',
           val  : 'accepted'

Adding template for displaying speakers

A template is added to display three speakers in a row. The speakers data obtained from the model is looped through and details of every speaker is passed to the speaker-item component, which handles the design and layout for every item in the speakers list.

<div class="ui stackable grid container">
 {{#each model.speakers as |speaker|}}
   <div class="five wide column speaker-column">
     {{public/speaker-item speaker=speaker}}

Adding component for speaker-item

A component for displaying the speaker-item is added to templates/component/public directory. The component contains of an accordion which displays the speaker details like biography, social links and the sessions that would be taken by him.

 <div class="title">
   <div class="ui">
     <img alt="speaker" class="ui medium rounded image" src="{{if speaker.image '/images/placeholders/avatar.png'}}">
    // Speaker Details

The accordion with speaker image and other details appears for every speaker of an event.


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