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How to Debug SUSI Bots Deployment on Google Container Engine Using Kubernetes

You can learn how to deploy SUSI bots on to Google container engine using Kubernetes from this tutorial. In this blog, we will learn how to debug SUSI bots deployment to keep them running continuously. Whenever we create a deployment on Google container using Kubernetes a pod is created in which our deployment keeps running. Whenever we deploy bots to any platform to check if it is working right or not we refer to logs of that bot. To get logs first we will get pod for our deployment with this

kubectl get pods --namespace={your-namespace-of-deployment-here}

This will show us the pod for our deployment like this

Copy the name of this pod and enter this command to get logs

kubectl get logs {your-pod-here} --namespace={your-namespace-of-deployment-here}

This will show us the logs of our deployment. In Google cloud console you will not get running logs. You will get logs of the everything that has happened before you requested for logs. Now if there is some error in logs and you need to restart the deployment but in Kubernetes you can not restart your pod directly but to restart pod we will need to enter the following command

kubectl replace --force -f {path-to-your-deployment-config-file}

If everything goes well you will get to see the following with your deployment name in it

After deployment, if you want to see the services and deployment in detail follow the approach given below

To get services write this command

kubectl get service --namespace={your-namespace-of-deployment-here}

When you will get service it will look like

If you don’t get your external IP then check your service config file and after fixing it make a new deployment after deleting previous one.

To check deployment in detail write following command

kubectl describe deployments --namespace={your-namespace-of-deployment-here}

This will show us details about deployment like this

You can now easily solve issues with deployments now.


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