What is sTeam

Whenever I tell someone that I am working for Fossasia under Google Summer of Code, I am asked to explain what my project is all about. Here I give a detailed introduction to sTeam and explain what it actually is.


Well some of you must of heard of MUDs (Multi User Dungeon) sTeam is based on this concept. For those who don’t know what MUDs are I will provide a brief introduction. MUDs are text based games. These games create a kind of real-time virtual world. These games are based on role playing and the user acts like one of the organisms of the virtual world. He can do whatever the organisms could have done in a real world. For example if I represent a man in a virtual world, I can do whatever a man can do, things like walk, talk, eat and stuff. This way the user interacts with his virtual environment.

This whole concept is taken to create a virtual office space. Just like MUDs sTeam creates virtual office space. Now how can we imagine an office? Well it will have rooms each room will have containers with different kinds of files, there will be people moving around working or having meetings. Well all this is possible in sTeam virtually. The user is also carrying a rucksack and can copy objects into this as he moves around. This is what sTeam is.

Steam provides two interfaces web and command line. The web interface can be accessed at http://societyserver.org/ and the code is put up at https://github.com/societyserver/sTeam.


More of similar projects are available under Fossasia. Check this site for more details http://labs.fossasia.org/ideas.html.