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Configurable Settings for Repositories Registered to Yaydoc

Yaydoc, our automatic documentation generation and deployment project, generates and deploys documentation for each of its registered repositories. These repositories registered to Yaydoc have various configurable settings which can be edited to change the behavior of the build process and other processes surrounding it. These settings include

  • Report build status via email,
  • Get build status for pull requests to the repository,
  • Specify project branches,
  • Add or remove sub-projects to a registered master project, and
  • Enable or Disable the build process
  • Delete the repository

Report Build Status via Email

At Yaydoc, user has an option to receive a mail

  • On the first build after the repository is registered to Yaydoc, irrespective of the status
  • On every failed build
  • On the change of build status (Success to Failed or vice versa)
  • To the user who registered the repository to Yaydoc

It is possible that the user may register the repository from one email-address but wishes to receive the build status in another email. Furthermore, the user may never wish to receive any email from the repository. Keeping user’s experience at a priority, we also made it configurable for the user to disable the mail service.

This feature is implemented by adding a  mailService  attribute to the Repository Schema with status: Boolean and email: String as its sub-attributes. The feature is toggled, setting the value of ‘mailService.status’ to true or false.

const Repository = mongoose.model(‘Repository’, {
  mailService: {
    status: Boolean,
    email: String,

Pull request implementing this feature:

Get build status for pull requests to the repository

We made the generation of documentation website during each Pull Request to the registered repository. Since we do not want to increase the load on our server and also due to the fact that, since testing documentation generation during a Pull Request would be rare, and the user may not want to integrate Yaydoc to Pull Requests, we made this feature configurable with ‘disabled’ as the default configuration.

A detail description of the process can be found at: Showing Pull Request Build Status in Yaydoc | FOSSASIA blog

Specify Project Branches

The documentation for a registered repository is generated at every commit made to the repository. This process happens in commits made to any of the repository’s branches except for branches that they do not have a `.yaydoc.yml` file and the `gh-pages` branch. It is seen that In many of the open sources projects hosted on Github, the development flow follows an approach in which new features and patches are made in a separate branch of the same repository before sending a PR to merge it into the master repository. In such a case, generating documentation from all the branches is an overkill and would not be expected. Hence, we let the user specify branches from which the documentation should be generated and deployed.

The existing active branches of the repository along with the registered branches are retrieved and are used to display a Bootstrap select picker to specify branches.

router.get(‘/:owner/:repository/branches’, function (req, res, next) {
  var name = req.params.owner + ‘/’ + req.params.repository;
    branches: function (callback) {
      github.getRepositoryBranches(name, function (error, branches) {
        callback(error, branches);
    registeredBranches: function (callback) {
      var branches = [];
      for (var branches of registeredBranches) {
      callback(error, branches);
  }, function (error, results) {
      branches: results.branches,
      registeredBranches: results.registeredBranches

Once a user specify one or more of the existing branches of the repository, documentation build occurs only from those specified repositories if they contain the `.yaydoc.yml` file.

Pull request implementing this feature:

Add or remove sub-projects to a registered master project

Apart from the generation of documentation of a single Github repository, we also offer the user to register sub-projects for a master project. The documentation generated from these subprojects are kept at a sub route of the website with auto-generated links at the start page. The addition and deletion of these sub-projects is also made configurable from repository settings.

Pull request implementing this feature:


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