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Viewing an Event in Giggity

Giggity is an Android app that loads xCal, pentabarf, frab, wafer and iCal files (that contain schedules of conferences, festivals and other events) and lets you browse them in various convenient formats. It is a generic app that can be used for any event that publishes their schedule in an open format. Recently support to see Open Event JSON format has been added in the Giggity. In this blog I describe the simple steps you need to follow to see the event that is created in the Open Event server and can be seen in the Giggity app. Although the process of creating an event is quite detailed but the UI is very user friendly and simple to use so here I describe the process after creating the event and adding it in Giggity app

1. Go to your event dashboard

2. Click on the export button

3. Select sessions and microlocations by clicking the switch buttons. Get the url generated and copy it. Skipping the microlocations will disable the option to navigate to the location in map opening from the app.

4. Click on the “+” button on the toolbar and paste the link.


5. Now you can see the sessions with locations. Slide the navigation drawer to see the links and signup url or create the home screen shortcut.


So here you can see your event following these five simple steps. Watch this video to see this in action.

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