Using Picasso library in SUSI Android

SUSI is an artificial intelligence for chatbots which have the ability to reply in most intuitive way through different types of answers such as images, charts, maps and text. Hence for the image displays in the SUSI Android client we need an image loading library which can help us to cache the images in the app. There are a few options available which include Glide and Picasso. Both of these libraries are open sourced. After some research we finally came up to use Picasso as it provides more additional features in comparison to Glide.

Picasso is an image downloading library. It is an open source library. It is published and maintained by Square. It allows the developer to display an image from the external URL of the image. It provides caching of image in just a few lines of code. Previously without this library it was very difficult to download and display the image and required a lot more lines of code. But with the help of Picasso this task is reduced to just a few lines of code.

How to use Picasso?

To use Picasso in our project we must add the dependency of the library in build.gradle file.

dependencies {
  compile "com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.4.0"

Let us define an imageView in which we want to load the image with the help of Picasso Library.


Now we are all set to download the image with the help of Picasso library in the following way:-

//Initialize ImageView
ImageView imageView = (ImageView) findViewById(;

//Loading image from below url into imageView

  .load("IMAGE URL")

Picasso also provide the function for setting placeholders and error images to be shown if there is any problem in the downloading of the image.


Now let us see the implementation of Picasso in Susi Android

In the Susi app we are storing the link of images coming from response in the imageList.

if (imageList == null || imageList.size() == 0) {


} else {




Here we are passing the activity context to the Picasso library. We can use additional features like fit() and centerCrop() method the way we are using in the Susi app. These methods are fit the image at the center of the imageView.

Screenshots from the Susi App

Picasso Library also provides some additional functions as well like:-

    .load("YOUR IMAGE URL HERE")        
    .placeholder(R.drawable.ic_placeholder)   // optional        
    .error(R.drawable.ic_error_fallback)      // optional        
    .resize(250, 200)                        // optional        
    .rotate(90)                             // optional        

You can find more about Picasso from this link.


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