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Using Getter and Setter to set Properties and Manipulate Responses to Templates in Ember JS on Open Event Front-end

In the Open Event Front-end our aim is to make it work on all devices regardless of screen size. We need the UI to be responsive. One feature of the system is that users can change system images. The idea in this issue was to enable users to select a ‘topic’ from the left side menu that would trigger an action which dynamically changes the right part of the page. For example, we could show ‘subTopics’ and their respective images based on the data given in the dictionary in Open Event Frontend project. Open Event Frontend has some static data files which are called dictionaries. They contain Javascript Objects which are used throughout the project. The solution I am implementing here is to get the data from the template, set it as a property of the Ember object with the help of setter, and use it again with the help of getter to manipulate our response to the template. Thus in a controller, we can perform manipulation of the data which we want to return to the template.

In Open Event Front-end we have a dictionary (event.js) which we are using to load our topics into the left side menu.


export const eventTopics = {
'Auto, Boat & Air': [
'Air', 'Auto', 'Boat', 'Motorcycle/ATV', 'Other'
'Business & Professional': [
'Career', 'Design', 'Educators', 'Environment & Sustainability',
'Finance', 'Media', 'Non Profit & NGOs', 'Other', 'Real Estate',
'Sales & Marketing', 'Startups & Small Business'
'Charity & Causes': [
'Animal Welfare', 'Disaster Relief', 'Education',
'Environment', 'Healthcare', 'Human Rights',
'International Aid', 'Other', 'Poverty'
'Community & Culture': [
'City/Town', 'County', 'Heritage', 'LGBT', 'Language',
'Medieval', 'Nationality', 'Other', 'Renaissance', 'State'


To achieve this, on the click action of the topic in the left side menu, we have to somehow remember the topic and return the subtopics according to it from the dictionary dynamically.

Following this approach: A controller is needed to remember the topic selected from the left side rail. We set the properties on the controller to achieve this thing. This is where the ‘Getters’ and ‘Setters’ come to help.


import Ember from 'ember';
import { eventTopics } from 'open-event-frontend/utils/dictionary/event';
import { keys, uniqBy } from 'lodash';

const { Controller, computed } = Ember;

export default Controller.extend({
imageTopic: keys(eventTopics)[0],

topics: computed(function() {
return keys(eventTopics);

imageObjects: computed('imageTopic', 'model', function() {
let subTopics = eventTopics[this.get('imageTopic')];
let filteredImageArray = this.get('model').filter(function(obj) {
return (subTopics.includes(;
filteredImageArray = uniqBy(filteredImageArray, 'name');
return filteredImageArray;

actions: {
setImagePart(imageTopic) {
this.set('imageTopic', imageTopic);
openModal() {
this.set('isModalOpen', true);



{{#tabbed-navigation isVertical=true}}
{{#each topics as |topic|}}
<a href="#" class="link item {{if (eq imageTopic topic) 'active'}}" {{action 'setImagePart' topic}}>{{topic}}</a>


When a link from the left side menu is clicked, an action named “setImagePart” is triggered and the controller listens to the action. Here, we are passing a parameter called ‘topic’ from the template and getting it in the controller as ‘imageTopic’. The next part of the action is to set the property of the object Controller i.e the “setImagePart” action sets the imageTopic (in this case overrides) property and sets it to the selected one. Thus, we now have the controller with the data selected from the left side menu saved in a property called imageTopic.

Now as we can see we have imported the eventTopics object from the dictionary.

Next task is to get the respected subtopics present in the dictionary. Now since we have set the ‘imageTopic’ property, we can access it to get the subtopics simply by getter “this.get(‘imageTopic’)”. Thus the subTopics (values of the eventTopics object) are returned.


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