Testing Hero – II

I continued last weeks work on improving the testing framework and adding more test cases. While writing the test cases for create I had to write a separate test case for each kind of object. This caused a lot of repetition of code. Thus the first aim for the week was to design a mechanism to write generalized test cases so that we can have an array of object and loop through them and pass each object to the same test case.



Right now the structure has a central script called test.pike which imports various other scripts containing the test cases. Let us take one of these scripts, suppose move.pike. Now I wanted to write a generalized test case which performs the same action on various objects. So I created one more file containing this generalized test case and imported this into one of the testcases in move.pike. This test case in move.pike is responsible for enumerating the various kinds of objects, sending them to the generalized test case, collect the output and then send the result for the entire test to the central test.pike. Then I went ahead and implemented this model for moving various objects to non existential location and for creating various kinds of objects and the model seemed to work fairly well.

The journey was not so smooth. I had a few troubles on the way. In all the test cases I was deleting any objects that were created and used in the test. To delete any object I need to get a reference to the object. This reference keeps getting dropped for some reason and I get an error for calling the delete function on NULL as the reference no longer exists. I tried finding the cause of this and solve this bug, however I couldn’t and found a work around the errors by using if statements to check that the object references are not null before calling functions on these object references. I continued my work on generalizing the test cases and wrote the general tests for all the test cases in the move and create test suites.

In the later part of the week I started working on some merging with my team mate Ajinkya Wavare. I designed more test cases for checking the creation of groups and users. Groups could be created using the generalized test case however for users I had to add a special test case as the process of creating a user is different from creating other objects. I ended my week by writing the test case for a long standing error, i.e, call to the get_environment function.

testing hero 2
output of test