Selecting a data API

As I had already mentioned in the earlier post as a part of our GSoC project we are making a framework that lets Event/Conference organisers easily generate their own Webapps and Androi Apps for the event.

So the initial step was the concur on a data API. Because for the framework to work seamlessly for multiple events, all of them must be able the collate their data in form of a single API, so that the core components of the web/mobile app that display the data can be consistent.

Fortunately, there existed already an effort to create a standard API for event data – the re-data API made by OpenDataCity for the re:publica event.

While trying to remain compliant with the re-data API we started off with a simplified subset of it.

Our API will have semantic versioning, and initially we are establishing v1 of it. So all API endpoints have the prefix /get/api/v1/

There is one top level /event endpoint that lists the basic info of all the events. If further details of an event is needed, we need to navigate into the namespace /event/<event-id>/

As you can see listed on your API docs here there are endpoints in the form of
and so on, to return a list of sessions, speakers etc for the given event-id.

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