FOSSASIA Summit 2022 Day 3

The final day of the FOSSASIA Summit 2022 starts today at 9:20 AM SGT / 6:50 AM IST!

Join the virtual Main Hall to participate in sessions

… or watch the stream live

with today’s sessions covering topics such as Open Source hardware for health, Guitars and Synths using Bespoke, TinyML, Underwater robots, Multi Fleet Task Allocation System, Open Vision, Robotic Manipulation, Foxglove Studio, Open Ethics, Image Neural Search, Open Source in China, User Testing, Open Stack, Diversity, UpStage, Low code/no code, OSS in business, Chatmosphere, Beyond Code, OpenTAP, Renode, OPEN!Next, Pocket Science Lab, Raspberry Pi, Embedded Computing with VexRiscv and FreeRTOS, Uno Platform, Alternator and DynamoDB, Crew Resource Management, Enarx, Public Code, Invincible Applications, Data Center Infrastructure Management for telcos, Zero-code IoT streaming data pipelines, and Pipy.

The complete event schedule is available here: web version, Gcal, ical.

Sessions go until late. The event ends daily at midnight Singapore time (9:30 PM IST).

  • Post a question to speakers of any session in the Main Hall Shared Notes to get a chance to win a FOSSASIA T-shirt.
  • Enter the Vonage raffle to win Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones.
  • Talk directly with participants in the virtual “Hallway” video chat town where you can move around and interact with others based on your location in the room.
  • Visit the virtual exhibition and learn about sponsors and job opportunities at Microsoft, MySQL Oracle, CNCF, Amazon, Indeed, Keysight / OpenTap, Linux Professional Institute, Comcast, Vonage, ONLYOFFICE, PCBWay and OPNTEC.
  • And, connect with FOSS communities like CivicTech Lab, Kaiyuanshe, Ubuntu Korea, Women Who Code Seoul, OpenStack Korea, UKylin, KDE, FOSS Myanmar and LionsForge.

Please also join our Telegram chat to start connecting with other participants and speakers.