Deploying SUSI-Server on Digital Ocean

Create and Setup a Droplet

To create your first Droplet first login to your account. If you are using Github student developer pack then you will get $50 as Digital Ocean Credits.

The create button will be right there on the first page, click on “Create Droplet”
Then a page will open asking you some configurations of a server.

You are free to choose any Distribution and choose a size. I chose Ubuntu and $20/mo plan.
Now add information about the Data Center you want to use.

Add your SSH Keys. These keys will be used to authenticate you on remote login to your server.

Click Create. In a few seconds your droplet should be up.

Navigate to Droplets page and see that your droplet is live there. You should see your droplet name and IP there.

SSH to your server and Deploy SUSI

In order to connect to a remote Linux server via SSH, you must have following:

  • User name: The remote user to log in as. The default admin user, or Superuser, on most Linux servers is root
  • Password and/or SSH Key: The password that is used to authenticate the user that you are logging in as. If you added a public SSH key to your droplet when you created it, you must have the private SSH key of the key pair (and passphrase, if it has one)
  • Server IP address: This is the address that uniquely identifies your server on the Internet.

Open Terminal and run


You should be able to login to your server.

Now to run SUSI Server

(Step 1 to 10 to setup java and gradle, skip if you have done it before)

Visit SERVER_IP_ADDRESS:4000 and see that SUSI Server is running there.

To stop the server use:


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