Implement Table Sorting In Badgeyay

In this blog post I am going to explain about implementation of inplace table sorting in badgeyay. This is not about just adding the sortable class as described in the semantic docs, but the data inside the table has different characteristics and needs to be sorted in a different manner. Not like the traditional way of comparing strings as it will not be suitable for dates. For creating a custom comparison function for sorting, either we can implement a custom comparator using JQuery or we can use the data values for comparison. The latter option is more preferable as it can be extended  to different columns in the table.


  1. Adding the sortable class in the table, which needs to be sorted.
<table class=“ui sortable table”>

  . . .



  1. We need to enable a javascript function when DOM completely gets loaded.
<script type=“text/javascript”>


  1. After this we need to create a template helper to return us the time stamp from the UTC formatted DateTime string. The value that will be returned by the helper will be used as the data value for the column entries.
import { helper } from ‘@ember/component/helper’;

export function extractTimeStamp(date) {
return Math.floor((new Date(date)).getTime() / 100);

export default helper(extractTimeStamp);


  1. The value that will be returned by the helper will be used as data value for comparison by table sorter.
<td data-sort-value={{extract-time-stamp user.created_at}}>{{sanitizeDate user.created_at}}</td>


  1. Now we need that certain columns do not sort, as there is no need. Such columns are photoURL, actions etc. These columns should be ignored by the sorter for sorting, so we will add a class to avoid sorting of these columns.
<th class=“no-sort”>User Photo</th>


  • Semantic UI table class – Link
  • Data sorting in the table API – Link
  • Pull Request for the same – Link
  • Template helper guide ember – Link
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