Modifying Allowed Usage for a User

Badgeyay has been progressing in a very good pace. There are a lot of features being developed and modified in this project. One such feature that has been added is the increasing allowed usage of a user by an admin.

What is Allowed Usage?

Allowed usage is an integer associated with a particular user that determines the number of badges that a person can generate using a single email id. This will allow us to keep track of the number of badges being produced by a particular ID and all.

Modifying the Allowed Usage

This feature is basically an Admin feature, that will allow an admin to increase or decrease the allowed usage of a particular user. This will ensure that if incase a particular user has his/her usage finished, then by contacting the admin, he/she can get the usage refilled.

Adding the functionality

The functionality required us to to add two things

  • A schema for modifying allowed user
  • A route in backend to carry out the functionality

So, Let us start by creating the schema

class UserAllowedUsage(Schema):
class Meta:
type_ =
kwargs = {
‘id’: ‘<id>’}

id = fields.Str(required=True, dump_only=True)
allowed_usage = fields.Str(required=
True, dump_only=True)

Once we have our schema created, then we can create a route to modify the allowed usage for a particular user.

This route will be made accessible to the admin of Badgeyay.

@router.route(‘/add_usage’, methods=[‘POST’])
def admin_add_usage():
data = request.get_json()[
except Exception:
return ErrorResponse(JsonNotFound().message, 422, {‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’}).respond()

uid = data[‘uid’]
allowed_usage = data[
user = User.getUser(user_id=uid)
user.allowed_usage = user.allowed_usage + allowed_usage

return jsonify(UserAllowedUsage().dump(user).data)

The add_usage route is given above. We can use this route to increase the usage of a particular user.

Given below is an image that shows the API working.


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