SUSI Desktop App in Electron


Electron allows you to get a cross-platform desktop application up and running very quickly. An electron app is built using the node.js framework and is brought to us by Github. Apps built with Electron are just web sites which are opened in an embedded Chromium web browser.

Setting Up.

First things first, we need NodeJS installed. So go to and follow the instructions as per your Operating System.

Now we need Electron. We can install it globally and use it as a CLI, or install it locally in our application’s path. I recommend installing it globally, so that every app does not need to install it every time.

Open terminal and write:

$ npm install -g electron-prebuilt
$ npm install -g bower

Bower is used for managing front end components like HTML, CSS, JS etc.

To test the installation, type electron -h and it should show the version of Electron CLI.

Getting the project ready.

The main idea behind making desktop apps with JS is that you build one codebase and package it for each operating system separately. This abstracts away the knowledge needed to make native desktop apps and makes maintenance a lot easier.

First clone the SUSI Desktop app repository on your computer.

$ git clone

Next step is to change directory to susi_desktop.

$ cd susi_desktop

Now we need to install dependencies which are used by our app.

$ npm install
$ bower install

Now we have the code and the dependencies setup. To run the Application write

$ npm start


$ electron .

Any of the two commands can be used to run a electron application.


Folder Structure.

In the Project folder or the root of the app we will keep the package.json file, which have all the dependencies to run the application.Also the main.js file and any other application-wide files we need are kept int the root of the app..

The “app” folder will house our HTML files of various types within folders like css, js and img.

Judging by the file structure, you can never guess this is a desktop app and not just a simple website. This project follows the AirBNB Style guide to code.

Purely starting the main process doesn’t give the users of your application any UI windows.


Overall Electron is an exciting way to build desktop web applications using web technologies.

SUSI Desktop app is built on it. Single code can be used to make native apps for Windows / Linux and Mac OS X.

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