Knit Editor Package Overview

In this years Google Summer of Code, we created several Python package. They are all available on the Python Package Index (PyPi) and installable via “pip install”. They are listed on but their interconnections are shown here.

In the following figure, you can see the different packages created during GSoC with a solid line. Other packages that are used by the “kniteditor” application are shown here with a dotted line.


Knit Editor Package Architecture
Knit Editor Package Architecture

Overall, five packages we created. The design is driven by responsibility. Thus the responsibilities of each packages should be clearly separated from the other packages. We describe the responsibilities of the packages as follows:

knittingpattern is the library for converting, loading, saving and manipulating knitting patterns. These patterns include in formation abour how to knit. Unlike a picture this includes more than a color: adding meshes, removing meshes, types of holes, the possibility of non-planar knit pieces ad more.

ObservableList is a list whose content can be observed. Whenever elements are added or removed, this list notifies the observers. This is used by the rows of instructions to provide a more convenient interface.

crc8 computes the crc8 hash from bytes. I did not find a Python library implementing ths functionality so I created it myself. The design follows the design of the hash functions in the Python standard library. This package is used by the AYABInterface package. Through creating a new package, this is also usable by other applications.

AYABInterface controls the knitting machines connected to the AYAB hack. Through the serial interface, it can send messages to the controllers and receive answers. It also provides hint for actions which the user should take in order to produce the desired outcome.

kniteditor contains the user interface to edit knitting patterns and control the knitting machines with the AYAB shield.

All these packages also include installation instructions.

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