Join CodeHeat 2023/24: Contribute to Open Source and Win a Trip to the FOSSASIA Summit

The latest season of CodeHeat is now live, offering you the chance to contribute to open source, refine your technical skills, and even win a trip to the FOSSASIA Summit 2024 in Vietnam. Sign up on CodeHeat website and follow CodeHeat on X.

  • Start Date: 1 December 2023
  • End Date: 6 March 2024

CodeHeat is an annual coding contest hosted by FOSSASIA. During the contest, you will join the development of real-world applications, enhance your developer profile, and acquire new coding skills. Participating projects of this season include eventyayPocket Science LabBadge Magic and openEuler. Tech stacks cover Python, Javascript, Kotlin, and C. Start your journey from fundamental to advanced software development today, and enriching your profile and CV along the way. 

Why to join CodeHeat?

  • Contribute to FOSS projects
  • Build your developer profile
  • Learn new coding skills
  • Collaborate with a global community
  • Make friends from around the world

Participating Projects

openEuler – Website / Code / Mailing-list

Open Event – Eventyay / Code / Chat

Pocket Science Lab (PSLab) – Website / Code / Chat

Badge Magic- App / Code / Chat

Exciting Prizes Await!

Those who successfully tackle five issues will be rewarded with a digital certificate of accomplishment and a complimentary conference pass to the FOSSASIA Summit 2024. There are also enticing prizes across three distinct categories. Our jury members will evaluate participants based on their outstanding contributions throughout the contest.

Category 1: Collaboration Catalyst – 20 x Coder Surprise Packages
Apart from good code contributions a winner in this category will show a particular ability to effectively collaborate with others. You will show an outstanding mindset to foster a positive open-source community by supporting newbies to join the contest, reviewing the work of others, and helping others with PRs, e.g. contributors who are stuck with a pull request.

Category 2: Open Source Pioneer – 10 x Professional Online Software Development Courses
A winner in this category would showcase their excellent coding ability by making pioneering contributions. You demonstrate excellent debugging skills, finding and fixing issues in the most effective and efficient manner.

Category 3: Code Excellence – 3 x Trips to the FOSSASIA Summit 2024
A winner in this category would show important and continuous code contributions that have a substantial impact on the functionality, usability, or overall improvement of projects in the CodeHeat contest.

Joining is easy

Simply register on the form and start solving issues. The contest is open to everyone. Participants can join at any time during the contest.

Thank you

Special thanks to openEuler and OPNTEC for your support in making CodeHeat a reality! We appreciate your commitment to empowering the next generation of developers.


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