FOSSASIA Summit 2021 with Sessions on Open Hardware, Open Science, Lightning Talks, and Python Web Development on Day 2

The virtual summit continues on Sunday 14th March from 10:30 to 23:00 (SGT). It starts in the morning with an introductory workshop about the Robot Operating System by Marco A. Gutierrez.

Each day has a different focus. The main topics of the second day are open hardware, open science, lightning talks, Python and web development.

Highlights of the day are:

  • At 2:00 PM the panel “What’s Next in Open Source Firmware and Open Hardware” with Ron Minnich (Coreboot), Bunnie Huang (Founder Precursor), Jean-Marie Verdun (HPE), Daniel Maslowski (Hardware Hacker), and Mario Behling (CEO OpnTec).
  • Followed by the keynote: Precursor – Trustable Open Hardware For Everyday Use by Bunnie Huang
  • At 3:00 PM Going Open (Source) in Test & Measurement with OpenTAP, by Brennen DiRenzo and Jeff Dralla from Keysight Technologies.
  • And at 3:30 PM a talk on open ecosystem empowerment by Eric Pan (CEO Seeed Studio).
  • In the afternoon you will have the chance to learn more about the Pocket Science Lab with Padmal M, Alexander Bessman, and Alessandro Volpato.

At 12:00 PM we will also have an online exhibition tour with interviews of exhibitors. Please visit the virtual exhibition and meet our sponsors Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL, OpenTAP Keysight, Linux Professional Institute, Elasticsearch, OpnTec, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and many others. We have prepared a video guide to get you started.

FOSSASIA Summit Sessions on Sunday, 14 March

Below are the sessions taking place on Sunday, March 14 all listed in Singapore timezone (SGT). You can access the online schedule of the day here.

10:30 Introduction to ROS and Gazebo, Marco A. Gutierrez  (Workshop 90min)

12:00 Connect to Exhibitors, Mario Behling; FOSSASIA Team Connect!

13:00 What’s Next in Open Source Firmware and Open Hardware, Ron Minnich, Bunnie Huang, Jean-Marie Verdun, Daniel Maslowski, Mario Behling (Panel 55min)

14:00 Keynote: Precursor – Trustable Open Hardware For Everyday Use, Bunnie Huang (Talk 40min)

15:00 Going Open (Source) in Test & Measurement: the Future of T&M Automation with OpenTAP, Brennen DiRenzo, Jeff Dralla (Talk 25min)

15:30 How Open Ecosystem Empowers Developers to Digitalize Industries, Eric Pan, CEO Seeed Studio (Talk 40min)

16:15 Open Next: Changing the future of product creation, Robert Mies (Talk 15min)

16:30 Tutorial: Creating a T&M Solution built on OpenTAPKaushik Santhanam; Darwin Subramaniam; Alex Kostin; Ashton Reed Humphrey; Ivan Diep (Tutorial 55min)

17:30 The INSPIRE Ventilator – Open Hardware Challenges and Opportunities during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Ulrich Norbisrath, Marcelo Knörich Zuffo, Laisa Caroline Costa De Biase (Talk 25min)

18:00 The Role of PSLab in Designing Open Source Scientific Equipment, Alessandro Volpato (Talk 25min)

18:30 pslab-python 2.0 Showcase, Alexander Bessman (Talk 40min)

19:00 Pocket Science Lab: What’s Next, M Padmal (Talk 40min)

19:45 Growth from the Open Source Community Africa, Samson Goddy (Talk 15min)

20:00 Lightning Talks

21:00 Web Development with Python, Flask and Javascript: Getting started with Open Event (eventyay) Areeb Jamal, (Workshop 2h)

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