Implementing feature to filter skills by average customer review

SUSI Skill CMS showcases all the skills on the index page but lacks the functionality to refine skills according to average customer review which is a much-needed feature since some users may only want to try skills which have at least a minimum rating so they can know instantly which skills are performing well in comparison to others. Thus, we implement several star inputs on the sidebar to select skills which have ratings greater than or equal to the selected rating input.

Implementing the UI

Add a menu to the sidebar at the bottom of all categories and display ‘Refine by’ submenu text to denote the section.

<Menu desktop={true} disableAutoFocus={true}>
 <Subheader style={{ fontWeight: 'bold' }}>Refine by</Subheader>
 <h4 style={{ marginLeft: '12px', marginBottom: '4px' }}>
   Avg. Customer Review



Display rating options to the user by displaying a list of Ratings component imported from react-ratings-declarative, these are to be displayed for all ratings say four stars and above, three stars and above and so on, i.e.

 onClick={() => this.handleRatingRefine(4)}
        <Ratings.Widget />
        <Ratings.Widget />
        <Ratings.Widget />
        <Ratings.Widget />
        <Ratings.Widget />
        className={this.state.rating_refine === 4 ? 'bold' : ''}
        & Up


We add some styling and attach an onClick listener on each rating component which will handle the refining of skills according to the rating clicked, the idea behind this is to save the rating for the clicked option to the component state and re-render the skill cards

handleRatingRefine = rating => {
         rating_refine: rating,


When the component state is successfully set loadCards function as a callback is called which re-renders the cards by applying filter over the skills which match the average rating criteria which we just set.

if (self.state.rating_refine) {
 data.filteredData = data.filteredData.filter(
        skill =>
         skill.skill_rating.stars.avg_star >= self.state.rating_refine,

Displaying a button to clear any refinements made

Once the skills are refined a button is needed to clear any refinements made. Initially when no refinements are made the rating_refine in the state is set to null which indicates that no refinements are made so whenever the value of that state is no null we render a button to clear the refinements or set the rating_refine state to null.

{this.state.rating_refine ? (
        onClick={() => this.handleRatingRefine(null)}
) : (


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