Add Support for Online Events in Orga App

The Open Event Orga App  didn’t have support for online events. After the support for online events was added in the server, it got implemented in the orga app as well. The main difference between offline and online events is that offline events need location details while online events don’t need any location details.

Following steps were followed in its implementation:

  • Firstly the parameter isEventOnline was added to the model class. As the JSON tag name for online event was is_event_online the parameter was named as isEventOnline and was made of the type boolean.
public boolean isEventOnline;
  • Now a checkbox had to be added to the UI and so the following XML code was added to the event_details_step_one.xml. With the help of DataBinding it was checked whether the checkBox is checked or not. If it was checked then the Layout consisting of the Location Details was hidden and if not then it is an offline event and it can be shown.
  android:onCheckedChanged=“@{ (switch, checked) -> event.setEventOnline(checked) }”
  android:text=“@string/event_online” />

  android:visibility=“@{ onlineEvent.checked ? View.GONE : View.VISIBLE }”>

Now the same changes had to be done to UpdateEventsScreen as well. Hence the above XML code was added to it as well.

  • Now one thing that needed to be taken care of is that online events do not require location details and without which events cant get published. So in the EventDashboardPresenter it was made sure that if the event is online then it can get published even though no location details have been provided. The extra condition was added to the else if block of confirmToggle( ).
public void confirmToggle() {
  if (Event.STATE_PUBLISHED.equals(event.state)) {
  } else if (Utils.isEmpty(event.getLocationName()) && !event.isEventOnline) {
  } else {


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