Creating New Groups in Engelsystem

User roles determine the access level or permissions of a person authorized (by an Administrator) to use the Engelsystem. If a user (other than admin) have access to only a specific set of pages and features that are assigned to the Group to which the user belongs.


In Engelsystem, the Privileges to specific pages and features can be set through GroupRights. There are initially 7 groups present in the Engelsystem namely:

  1. Guest
  2. Engel
  3. Shift Coordinator
  4. Team Co-ordinator
  5. Burokrat
  6. Developer
  7. Shirt Manager

Each user role is capable of everything that a less powerful role is capable of. All of these 7 groups have different Privileges assigned to them. When a user registers on Engelsystem, it is initially assigned to Group-2 i.e Engel by default, then admin can add a user to different groups according to the requirements.


There was a problem with this feature.


If the user was added to the group with some Admin Privileges, he/she was able to sign up for restricted shifts as well.


Added a new page to Engelsystem for creating new Groups with specific privileges which can be that can be provided by the Admin to that group.

Create Groups page


New groups can be created by Admin, with default Privileges set to privileges as provided to the Engel group.These Privileges can be set while creating a group or can be edited in the GroupRights shown as follow:

Edit Privileges in GroupRights

The group is successfully created and can be viewed in GroupRights page, where the Admin can edit the Privileges of this and the other groups.

New group in GroupRights

Providing Privileges to user other than Admin is important as it ease the workload of admin, plus there’ll be other users who’ll be handling different tasks in an Event which is important in managing an Event.

We are developing new feature for Engelsystem and we will be applying this WordPress like update system toEngelsystem in the upcoming weeks. Developers who are interested in contributing can work with us.

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