Bottom Navigation Bar in Open Event Android

Bottom navigation bar provides an easy access and convenient way for users to navigate in between different sections of an App where the sections are of equal importance. We use bottom navigation move between different fragments such as events screen, favorites, tickets profile and so on. This blog post will guide you on how its implemented in Open Event Android.

To create a bottom navigation bar first create items for your menu. Menu items will be rendered as elements of the bottom navigation bar. Add icon and title to your navigation item here.

       android:title=“@string/profile” />

After we have written menu xml for our navigation view, we will have to create a view for it. The following snippet of code creates a BottomNavigationView type view element on the screen with different attributes as specified and menu file as specified by app:menu. Make sure you have android support design dependency set up before this.

           app:menu=“@menu/navigation” />

No that our view will be created we need to wire menu items with different fragment and set up listener for item selected events.

Inside onCreate of MainActivity we attach a ItemSelectListener with the bottom navigation bar, navigation.setOnNavigationItemSelectedListener(listener) .

private val listener = BottomNavigationView.OnNavigationItemSelectedListener { item ->
       val fragment: Fragment
       when (item.itemId) {
  -> {
               supportActionBar?.title = “Profile”
               fragment = ProfileFragment()
               return@OnNavigationItemSelectedListener true
  -> {
               supportActionBar?.title = “Likes”
               fragment = FavoriteFragment()
               return@OnNavigationItemSelectedListener true
  -> {
               supportActionBar?.title = “Tickets”
               fragment = OrdersUnderUserFragment()
               return@OnNavigationItemSelectedListener true

The above listener object listens for item selection in the bottom navigation bar. Whenever any item is selected lambda function is executed and item.itemId is matched with different menu item ids. On any successful match, an instance of the fragment corresponding to the selected item is loaded.


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