Customizing Chromium for the Meilix Generator

Imagine if you are able to vanish that star icon of the bookmark which is on the extreme right of address bar. Disable auto-fill option, disable some particular extension to get install and many more things. And you could even distribute it to any friend to get the same setting within just copy and paste. We are working on such features for the FOSSASIA Meilix generator for Chromium.

Chromium is one of the most popular browsers. But had you ever thought how grateful it would be if you are able to customize your chromium to a larger extent? Sometimes it feels that few features are there which we merely used.

So here it is the way to tailor cut the specification of the browser and you can even give it to your friend to try out the feature. It just needs to copy and paste a file for your friend. Not forget to mention from where do I get this file: fossasia/meilix

How can you do that?

This gist is a .json file which has to be copied in the etc/chromium-browser/policies/managed with the name chrome.json. That’s it.

It’s a policy template of Linux for the browser Chromium. This file contains different policies and they are commented. Uncomment the required values and set your desired values.

Format of the policy of the JSON file.

Each policy is well-structured so that a person can easily understand and change its values.

Let’s take an example:

1 // Enable Bookmark Bar
2 //-------------------------------------------------------------------------
3 // Enables the bookmark bar on Google Chrome.  If you enable this setting,
4 // Google Chrome will show a bookmark bar.  If you disable this setting, users
5 // will never see the bookmark bar.  If you enable or disable this setting,
6 // users cannot change or override it in Google Chrome.  If this setting is
7 // left not set the user can decide to use this function or not.
8 //"BookmarkBarEnabled": true,

This is an example of controlling of bookmark bar which is mention on line 1
Line 2 is left intentionally for proper formatting
Line 3-7 explains the purpose of the policy, it explains itself quite briefly
Line 8 is the by default set option, to alter it, uncomment it and reverse the values.

This same way is being followed throughout. There are many other options which act as a boon.

Edit the file and share it with your friends and ask them to copy it in the same location and then they can also get the benefit of the feature.

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