Jobs: Update Ruby on Rails, Transition Storage and Fix Open Bugs on


We are looking for a remote freelance developer with the ability to fix issues and update the open source code base of using Ruby on Rails, storage and other web technologies. Goals: To ensure security through updating to latest versions, to fix issues impacting functionality, to ensure a working transition from S3 to Backblaze and to enable the automatic deployment of the project from GitHub to a Debian server. 

This freelance project would include a serious functionality check after the updates. Changes and deployment should be documented following best practices.

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The Github pages are

Ruby is already updated to 2.4 and working on Debian Buster (See the “buster” branch in the project repository). Other technologies include: Capistrano, Websocket, AWS S3 (on Backblaze), ClojureScript (Clojure), CoffeeScript, ActiveAdmin, AngularJS, Cdist. The website should be deployed (again) to VoiceRepublic (

The following needs to be taken care of as part of the project.

1. Updates and Dependencies

Please update to well-supported Ruby and Rails versions to ensure the system can run smoothly. Desired versions:

  • Update Ruby 2.4.N to Ruby 2.7.1 
  • Update Rails 4.2.0 to Rails 6.1.x.
  • Bump dependencies to latest version (also see automatic Dependabot PRs)

2. Data Sources and Deployment

  • Switch to Backblaze’s S3 as storage engine (data is already transferred)
  • Do changes in uploading code needed for compatibility with B2, also see 
  • Rename “Integration” branch to “development” branch. Deploy development and master branch automatically with Travis to run the system including admin app (backend). For settings use environment variables on Travis.
  • Automatically create docker images
  • Add (semi)automatic tests to ensure Upload and Streaming functionality works on Backblaze (start with manual tests)
  • Set up Vercel or another suitable service to create a test installation for each PR

3. Office Backend

  • Solve issues – batch actions, enable delete and show “public page link” – in back office to re-enable administration tasks
  • Add system config settings, e.g. Backblaze S3 keys, Mailgun, other config options into the backoffice settings UI

4. Voicerepublic User System

  • Fix missing images and ensure all media files come from internal resources (not external)
  • Unlink Streamboxx page We currently don’t provide this feature but might come back to it later again.
  • Update dead/outdated links to blog, help, etc. e.g. to Twitter it should be
  • Delete box service
  • Fix links to public pages
  • Take out Facebook Login (comment out the code in case we come back later)
  • Fix RSS issue resulting in a lot of resource usage
  • Add a privacy respecting captcha for user sign up
  • Check validity of and move any still relevant content to Then delete file.
  • Move deployment info to folder /docs, delete any outdated content and update deployment info. Current file at 
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