Adding Zooming Functionality For Gallery Images

Phimpme is an Android app which contains the camera, editing, sharing on different platforms and displaying local images. To display local images with swipe feature we also allow the user to zoom images with pinch and double tap action on an image. So in this post, I will be explaining how I added zooming functionality for images in phimpme.

To zoom an image we are using Photoview that is similar to an imageview means it support all option that imageview supports.

Step 1

The first step is to add the following dependency in your file of your project.

dependencies {
   compile ''

Step 2

Now replace your imageview with PhotoView and it can be done by following way.


Now we can use this photoview as imageview and it will enable zoom functionality easily.

Step 3

Now next step is to load image in PhotoView. As phimpme allow to display local images of a device so we are using glide library to load image in PhotoView. We are using URI to load image in Glide.

PhotoView imageView = new PhotoView(ActivitySwitchHelper.context);


Now your image view which is actually a PhotoView is ready to provide zoom functionality by double tap on and image and by pan-zoom.

PhotoView in Phimpme Android


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