Code view and UI View in design tab of bot wizard

Design tab is for designing your SUSI AI chatbot. You can change the background colour, add an image as background color, change colour of user text box, bot text box etc. On SUSI AI bot wizard design tab, we have two views. These views show the same thing but in a different way for different people. The code view is mainly for the developers while the UI (User Interface) view is for a non-developer user because we can not expect them to know how to code even if it is easy.

Code View

The current code view of design tab looks like this:

::bodyBackground #ffffff
::userMessageBoxBackground #0077e5
::userMessageTextColor #ffffff
::botMessageBoxBackground #f8f8f8
::botMessageTextColor #455a64
::botIconColor #000000

For changing colours, you simply have to change the hex codes and for adding images as background, you need to add the url of image. You can also upload an image but that function is provided in the UI View.

UI View

The current UI view of design tab looks like this:

Here, we have colour picker for user to choose a colour for various components of the chatbot. There’s also a small box with the same colour as specified in hex code for previewing.

Switching and Synchronising between Code view and UI view

We have different components for code view and UI view. In order to synchronise both the views, we need to have the same code in state of both components. To do that, we add the code in state of the parent component i.e. design.js and then pass it to code view and UI view as states.

The following code snippet will demonstrate this:

        sendInfoToProps: this.sendInfoToProps,
        updateSettings: this.updateSettings,
        code: this.state.code,

You can see that we pass a whole object as props.
Using this approach, same code is passed to both the views. This solves the first problem. The next problem is that if we do a change in code view then it should happen in the code state of parent file as well. Same goes for UI view.
To do this, whenever we change the code in code view or UI view, we call a function in the parent file (design.js) which was passed as props and we pass the state of code view or UI view as arguments of this function. This function then updates the state accordingly. The name of the function is sendInfoToProps and it is as follows:

sendInfoToProps = values => {
    this.setState({ ...values });

You can see that it simply updates the state value as per the parameters passed to it.
So this is how synchronisation works between different views.


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