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New Landing Page for FOSSASIA Knitting Projects

Now, FOSSASIA has a new landing page for the different knitting projects,

The objective of this page is to ease starting development on knitting projects. As such, it is listed on the labs site of FOSSASIA. The FOSSASIA labs give you the opportunity to get into development of open-source projects in the FOSSASIA community.

The site features a list of projects related to knitting – software and hardware projects. They all have Github issues attached and you can access them via a waffle link. There is a unified view on all issues for convenience.

In the section below, you can see how you can contribute. For translations, no coding is required but it is useful to know the Github pull-request workflow.

The next step is to start coding without understanding much of the inner workings of the project. This can be done by optimizing some metrics like code quality, health and coverage. This way, new developers setup the code base, get familiar with the code and have an easy first contribution.

To start implementing features, we have a list of issues attached. they are organized in waffle projects. They have tags like “easy” or “hard” to guide the choice. Easy issues can be worked on by developers who want to get into the code base and do not require much knowledge of the inner workings of the project.

In the bottom, there is also a community section that shows how to get in touch and a section for related work. This sections is extremely important as it allows us to expand the community to users, get inspiration. This can be seen as a repository for human interconnections. If a developer leaves the project, all commits remain. However, the connections to the people leave. In order to keep these connections, this section is created. It features a list of other sites, wiki pages and places t read and inform oneself.


Creating a community around project is new to me. I did this the first time in the Flappy-SVG project. With the site, I hope to see a community evolve around the knitting projects in FOSSASIA.

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