FOSSASIA Summit 2021 with the topics Robotics, Open Hardware, Pocket Science Lab, Python and Web development, Digital Sovereignty on Day 1

The FOSSASIA Virtual Summit 2021 starts on Saturday 13th March at 2:00PM (SGT) with an opening keynote by Hong Phuc Dang and Mario Behling.

We are very happy you are joining the event! Each day has a different focus. The main topics of the first day are robotics, open hardware, Pocket Science Lab, Python, web development, and digital sovereignty.

How can you access the video rooms? Please login to the eventyay summit page and click on the right-side “Join Live Event” button. On the left a side-panel opens. You will see the different video channels of the event listed here as well as the event chat room that is open for participants already.

  • We have a final list of 190 speakers and panelists from 42 countries and 6 continents confirmed.
  • You can now use lots of new interactive features on our open source event solution and integrations with Jitsi, BigBlueButton, and Rocket Chat.
  • 180+ sessions, talks, panels and workshops are taking place at the event.

Please also visit the virtual exhibition and the exhibitor’s video rooms. Here you can meet our sponsors including Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL, OpenTAP Keysight, Linux Professional Institute, Elasticsearch, OpnTec, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, FreeBSD Foundation, UI-licious, Lifelong Learning Institute Singapore, the UNESCO and many community projects, makerspaces, and university IT groups. We have prepared a video guide to get you started.

FOSSASIA Summit Sessions on Saturday, 13 March

Below are the sessions taking place on Saturday, 13th March all listed in Singapore timezone (SGT). You can access the online schedule of the day here.

14:00  Opening Keynote, Hong Phuc Dang, Mario Behling (Talk 25 min)

15:00  Software in the Public Interest: Building blocks of SecureDrop project, Kushal Das  (Talk 25 min)

15:30  Open Source at Open Robotics: ROS, Gazebo and more, Marco A. Gutierrez (Talk 25 min)

16:00  Next gen robotics simulation with Ignition Gazebo, Luca Della Vedova (Talk 25 min)

16:30  Low-cost autonomous mobile robot powered by ROS 2 and Navigation 2, Yadunund Vijay (Talk 25 min)

17:00  Free Fleet: An Open Source Robot Fleet Management System, Aaron Chong (Talk 25 min)

17:30  Robotic Platform for exploring and evaluating search and reinforcement learning algorithms, Kelvin Tan (Talk 15 min)

17:45  Introduction to Emulation Development, Sreeram Venkitesh (Talk 15 min)

18:00  Choosing the right programming language for GUI implementation for Linux Embedded, Fábio Sobral (Talk 25 min)

18:30  LikeToHear – Self-Adjustment of Open Source Mobile Hearing Aid Prototype, Peggy Sylopp (Talk 25 min)

19:00  Bringing Collabora Online to your web app, Michael Meeks (Talk 25 min)

19:30  An I2P-based, fully distributed Bank and Exchange, Konrad Baechler (Talk 25 min)

20:00  Simple DataViz with PSLab: Universal Pocket Knife Workshop, Daniel Wessolek, Sara Reichert (Workshop 3h)

21:00  Web Development with Python, Flask and Javascript: Getting started with Open Event (eventyay), Areeb Jamal (Workshop 2h)

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