FOSSASIA accepted as Google Summer of Code organization

FOSSASIA has been accepted as mentor organization for the Google Summer of Code 2012. It is fantastic to join the international free software community in the study program and we are looking forward to student applications.

Applications can be added through the GSoC website. Please also introduce your ideas on the mailing list and add them to the ideas page. If you are proposing an idea for a subproject like Cryptostick, people on the list will direct you to specific contact points if needed. 

FOSSASIA is acting as an umbrella organization for projects related to Asian users and the community in the region. We welcome applications from student projects around the world who work on software tools benefiting users in the region.

The FOSSASIA Google Summer of Code program is looking for applications including: 

  • software development for projects supporting social change; 
  • internationalization projects benefitting users in the region, e.g. support for Asian fonts in applications and enhancing user experience; 
  • software for secure communication and user security including support for international Asian users; 
  • decentral systems for new use cases in emerging regions; 
  • educational development projects; 
  • localized free software distributions (e.g. regional Linux distributions); 

If you are a student there are important links to follow: